Pacific Marine Surveyors
Micheal Mbogho
Operations Director

With over a decade of experience, Mr. Mbogho is a seasoned professional in Marine Cargo Surveying and Claims Handling.

Rama Imo
Operations Supervisor

A certified Loss Adjuster and Marine Surveyor with five years of practical experience. Specialized in risk assessment and mitigation strategies.

Leonard Amkolon
Cargo Surveyor

Bringing five years of specialized experience as a Principal Fumigation Technician within the marine sector.

Moses Kibe
Cargo Surveyors

Experienced Cargo Surveyor with five years of hands-on experience assessing and documenting cargo conditions.

Robert Maruti
Cargo Surveyors

Experienced cargo surveyor specializing in cargo survey risk assessment. Extensive expertise in evaluating and mitigating risks.

James Wayumbe
Cargo Surveyor

Experienced cargo surveyor with five years of specialized expertise in conducting marine surveys and insurance investigations.

Joshua Ewaratata
Cargo Surveyor

Cargo Surveyor Supervisor with six years of industry experience, overseeing and managing cargo surveying operations. 

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Africa Annual Summit 2024