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We offer inspections and assessments conducted on vessels, cargo, and marine operations

Professional Marine Survey Service

With our team of dedicated and multi-disciplinary surveyors, we offer inspections and assessments conducted on vessels, cargo, and marine operations to evaluate risks and determine appropriate insurance coverage and premiums. These surveys are typically carried out by our multi-disciplinary qualified and experienced surveyors on behalf of insurance companies or underwriters. We offer:

  • Hull and Machinery Surveys:
    • Condition and Valuation Surveys: These surveys assess the overall
      condition, seaworthiness, and value of a vessel's hull and machinery for insurance purposes.
    • Damage Surveys: Conducted after an incident or accident to assess the extent of damage to the hull, machinery, or equipment and determine the repair costs.
  • Cargo Surveys:
    • Cargo Condition Surveys: Inspections to assess the condition, packaging, and stowage of cargo before loading or after discharge, ensuring it meets the specified standards.
    • Cargo Damage Surveys: Evaluations of cargo damage during transit, including the cause, extent, and potential salvage or repair options.
  • Protection and Indemnity (P&I) Surveys:
    • P&I Condition Surveys: Assessments of a vessel's overall condition, crew competency, and operational procedures to evaluate risks related to potential liabilities covered by P&I insurance.
    • P&I Incident Investigations: Investigations into incidents involving personal
      injury, pollution, cargo damage, or other liabilities covered by P&I insurance.
  • Towage Approval Surveys:
    • Evaluations of vessels and towing equipment to determine their suitability and safety for towage operations, as required by some insurance policies.
  • Bunker Surveys:
    • Quantitative and qualitative assessments of bunker fuel (fuel oil) on board
      vessels to ensure compliance with quantity, quality, and specifications
      outlined in insurance policies.
  • Pre-Purchase and Pre-Hire Surveys:
    • Inspections conducted on behalf of potential buyers or charterers to
      assess the condition, value, and suitability of a vessel before purchase or
  • Offshore and Rig Surveys:
    • Condition and risk assessments of offshore platforms, rigs, and associated
      equipment for insurance purposes, including evaluations of mooring
      systems, structures, and operational procedures.

These surveys offer crucial insights to insurance underwriters, aiding in their assessment of the vessel's insurability and the calculation of insurance premiums.

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