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Pacific Marine Surveyors Kenya Ltd offers a full range of commercial survey, inspection, Motor accident investigations, death claims, WIBA, goods in transit claims/ Carriers Liability fidelity guarantee, sampling and testing services with supporting Certificates and other relevant documentation, including, but not limited to the following:

  1. Hold and Tank Cleanliness/Condition Surveys - vessel’s cargo worthiness, including hold or tank condition and cleanliness and the general suitability to load a particular cargo;
  2. Vessel’s of On/Off Surveys - vessels’ hold condition and/or bunker on board at time of ’’on/off hire’’;
  3. Compliance Surveys – verifying the Vessel’ suitability to carry cargoes governed by rules or codes, such as grain, bulk cargoes, timber deck cargoes and hazardous goods; and the practical application of local laws and customs of the trade;
  4. Cargo Pre-Loading Surveys –to measure and calculate the cargo’s cubic feet/meter for freight payment/stowage purposes, and/or verify its condition by recording all visible damage before shipment and/or at the warehouse/dock for insurance purposes, carriers and/or freight forwarders;
  5. Loading, Handling & Stowage Advice - including stability and stress calculations; advice on draft and trim; safe carriage and discharge; to assure the effectiveness of securing; and for recommending and supervising loading, stowage, lashing, blocking & bracing to ensure the safe carriage of the cargoes;
  6. Grain Stability Separations, and Stress Calculation - assisting master in the loading planning and/or calculation to best meet the code.
  7. Heavy-Lift & Project Cargo Surveys - cargo condition/handling/stowage and lashing before and during loading are mostly done on behalf of shippers, underwriters, carriers and/or freight forwarders;
  8. Pre-Shipment Surveys - surveys of break-bulk cargo, especially newsprint, wood-pulp and project cargoes to ensure that bills of lading and/or mate’s receipts accurately note the apparent condition of cargo when it is loaded, and to comment on the water tightness, condition and ventilation of the vessel’s holds.
  9. Out-turn Surveys - surveys of break-bulk cargo, especially steel, on arrival at the discharge port, to establish condition, any damages and/or shift of cargo that may have occurred during the voyage. This survey often requires the Silver Nitrate testing for chloride residues.
  10. Draft Surveys - surveys to determine the quantity of a bulk cargo loaded/discharged by reading the vessel’s drafts, measuring the ballast water, fuel & diesel oil and other liquids on board, and calculating the final quantity by using the vessel’s approved dead-weight scales and tank tables, etc.
  11. Dead-freight Surveys - to determine by measurement the amount of cargo a vessel could have loaded if all the available space was utilized. This is to determine the loss of freight due to short shipment of cargo.
  12. Hatch Sealing - to ensure that no contamination and/or loss of cargo occur during passage or stopover in other Ports prior to final destination.


About usPacific Marine Surveyors

PACIFIC MARINE SURVEYORS KENYA LTD deals in Marine surveying, insurance Investigation and loss adjusting under the stewardship of highly qualified and experienced Marine Surveyors and Loss adjusters.

Since its inception the company has been providing versatile services of Marine and Cargo Surveys with first class quality and reliable to various local and global logistics service providers.

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